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Best IT Project Management Software

A software for professionals and firms who work on multiple projects at a time and need to keep track of the time spent on each project.

If you bill by the hour Or in days this software is for you.

e.g. architects ,lawyers, consulting firms,web designing and digital marketing firms.

Our IT Project Management Software Features

Create Projects and Milestones

  • You can create Projects for your clients. Each Project can have multiple Milestones ,tasks and sub-tasks.

Assign Tasks

  • You can create team members and assign tasks to them .

Time Tracking

  • Team members can start working on a task by starting the time tracker. All time spent on the task will be logged against that task.


  • Once milestones or projects are completed you can send invoices to your clients by either the number of hours spent on the project OR by entering a fixed price for the milestone OR project.

Complete Reports

  • The admin can have a real time view of how many hours are spent on each project,the status of the project and how much profit has been earned on the project.

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