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This website has functionality of an online directory where listings are shown as per membership package. Visitors to the website have search facility to find companies listed under their search criteria.

D 1

Company Registration

A company who wants to lists its products or services will register by providing their company name ,contact details and select from available packages.

The registration form is then emailed to the admin who will activate the account after receiving registration fee.

After activation, the registered user will complete their listing by providing the following information. The information that will be displayed in the listing will differ as per the package selected.

Company Name
Contact Details
Company Logo
Website address
About Us
Product images

The registered user will be able to edit all the above information

The listing is active for a period of 1 year and will expiry automatically on expiry date. The listing is not permanently deleted you can reactivate the listing.

Visitors to the website can

Rate the listing of a company
Write a review
Send enquiry through the listing

D 2

D 3

Visitor Registration
After registering a user will be able to rate listings and write a review for the listings
Visitor Search
A visitor to the website can perform search by city, services or company name
The search results are shown in google map and also listed on the web page
Listing Rotation

All listings under a package will change position every 10 minutes. This is done to give each listing a fair chance to be at the top position. For example all companies registered for premium package will change their position and move one position up. Same will happen with companies registered for standard package.

D 4

Listing View

D 5

When a company in search listing is clicked the companies listing page is opened and details like company address, contact, products/services, video etc are visible. A user can also rank or leave a review on this page.

Directory Admin Panel

Through this the admin of the website can manage(add/edit/delete) the following

Manage Website Page Content
Manage search category like plumber, electricians, foundry etc
Manage services provided by the registered companies

D 6

Activate Listings
Through this the admin will be able to activate listings of registered companies after receiving relevant package fee

D 7

Deactivate listing
Through this the admin can deactivate a listing if required. Deactivated listing can be reactivated any time

Plan expiry report
Here the admin will be able to see which listing is expiring when

Registered user/visitor listing You will see a report of all registered users/visitors of the website in this section

D 8

Blog post
Admin can post blogs through this

Blog Listing
Admin can view list of all blogs posted

Approve Comment
From here admin can approve/manage comments left on the blog post

D 9

News letter

Through this section you will be able to email news letters or company offers to registered companies or visitors

D 10


From here you can manage Meta Tag, Meta Title and Meta description for all pages on the website

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