Get More Traffic to Your Website Through Pinterest

Get More Traffic to Your Website Through Pinterest

March 1st, 2016

During the initial days of optimization strategies, readymade cut out tasks such as ads through PPC, content farming did the trick of diverting web traffic and most probably, it may still continue to yield results on churning out money. But, with the focus of one-third online users diverted towards social media, it makes sense to shift the scene of action towards social network. In fact, several business establishments have made robust inroads toward the social network and have efficiently driven a chunk of traffic towards their site. But what is the point in losing lots of traffic by creating foot prints only in overcrowded media such as Facebook and Twitter? There are several other well known but sparsely occupied pastures yet to be reaped of benefits.

how to get traffic from pinterest

Learn How to Effectively do Social Media Management buy using Pinterest

Pinterest is the much neglected source of social media management strategy at least in India. Having said that, web traffic statistics throw huge surprises. Pinterest ranks next only to Facebook for social media traffic referral and more importantly, their share of traffic is more than that of other social media (of course, excluding Facebook) combined together. Gone are the days, when Pinterest was considered to be a woman oriented social media – it is now fairly being used by men also. Undoubtedly, it’s the visual based social media services feature has swung Pinterest to be one of the favorite among users.

Having seen the necessity for considering Pinterest as a part of social media management strategies, it is time to see how it can be effectively used to get more traffic to your website.

1. Incorporate the Pin It Button:
Incorporate the Pin It button

First things first. Add your URL in the Pinterest Profile and pin the button on your webpage. This enables your profile and website to be seen before following you. The Pin it button lets your followers to add things from your site to their accounts. There isn’t a better way to generate instant traffic drive to your site. Do not forget to verify your site with Pinterest as this assures the viewers that the site added in your profile actually belongs to you!

2. Quality Wins:
Quality wins

Quality of the pins that are shared play a vital role in gaining followers. It is an absolute waste of energy and time to post pins that has been already shared several times. Remember, uniqueness of the pins is the key mantra.

3. Fabulous Visual:
Fabulous visual
Pinterest concept revolves around visual aspects. Attractive visuals are a sure shot enticing tactic to make the users click. Hence great visuals always translate into better results of repining. It is natural for the question to rise in the mind about optimization options that are available to induce repining. Well, they are

a. Watermarks on visuals
b. Good aspect ratio
c. Info graphics instead of multiple images
d. Usage of dominant colors like red and pink
e. And last but not least, videos pinned directly on Pinterest provide good results.

4. Convert the Followers:
Convert the followers
Having created the Pinterest portfolio, it’s time to convert your followers into your website visitors. Engaging with your followers is the only way out to achieve this objective and believe us, nothing works better than this strategy. Regular pinning in your site and repining of the contents from your followers’ pages create sheer wonder for sustaining the engagements. Alternatively, site hosted contests provide a great platform for attracting engagement which thereby brings traffic your site.

5. Unleash Rich Pins:
Unleash rich pins
Rich pins are very effective to incorporate additional details pertaining to the pinned contents. The advantage is huge; rich pins display the pricing details and moreover are directly linked to product page of the website. No doubt, rich pins provide enhanced referral traffic directly to the product pages. Additionally, an amazing feature of the rich pins lies with its capacity to send automatic email notifications to those who have pinned a product, when the price of it changes. There really can’t be a better strategy to let your followers know about the price change.

6. Prominent Pins:
Prominent pins
Don’t make the search engines to search for the pins in your page as they would love to index it. If necessary, settings should be appropriately altered to enable easy indexing by public search engines.

7. Many more aspects such as article pins and addition of Pin It button on the blogs are also quite effective and equally important to attract both direct and indirect traffic.Now-a-days, Pinterest can’t be ‘pinned down’ as visual media or women only website. Pinterest provides ample opportunity to expand your horizon of business. What really matters is that the originality and freshness of the pinned contents. In this age of social media buzz, beyond any doubt, Pinterest definitely produces perfect scope to increase the loyal customer base through Repins.

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