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Best Vendor Management Software

If you need co-ordination between multiple vendors to fulfill an order this software is for you.

Our Vendor Management Software Features

  • The software can be intelligent to identify what will be required to complete a particular type of order from a customer.
  • The software can be set to manage your process till the end.
  • SCENARIOS where this software can be used.

For the manufacturing Sector

  • Based on the order you receive from your customer the software can automatically calculate the components required for that order. It will also show you a list of suppliers you have on book who can supply these components and the quantity required.
  • You can edit the orders and place it through the system.
  • The system will track each order and the complete process till the customer delivery point.

As a Vendor Management software

  • If your business is of the nature where you place orders against suppliers after you receive orders from your customers, then this software is for you.
  • It can be used in an event management business where once you receive an order to manage an event/wedding , you need multiple vendors to fulfill the order.

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