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Bulk SMS Service Provider

We are Bulk SMS Service Provider and Also Offer Managed Bulk SMS Marketing Services

Why Bulk SMS Service?

In today’s world bulk SMS marketing becomes a cheap and reliable marketing tool.One can communicate their message to a group in a short span of time using bulk sms.Your customers are more likely to have a mobile phone than an email account.

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Benefits of SMS V Phone calls:

  • Cheaper than a phone call
  • Takes less time to send a message than it does to make a phone call
  • Customers can read the message in their own time
  • People consume written information more effectively than verbal communication

Benefits of SMS V Email:

  • A customer will almost always have their cellphone on them. The chances the recipient receiving and reading the message is very high.
  • People are more likely to receive and read an SMS than an email.
  • More people have access to a Mobile phone than they do the internet.
  • Mobile phones do not have a spam box. Many emails are “lost” because of the junk mail filter.

Feature Of Our SMS Messaging System

  • Fastest message delivery system
  • Very easy to operate SMs marketing software system
  • User friendly GUI
  • The system is accessible on all devices.You can view it on your desktop,laptop and mobile phone as long as you have an internet connection/data plan.
  • Our bulk sms system filters Do Not Disturb (NDNC filter – National Do Not Call Registry) numbers before sending promotional messages. Transactional messages are delivered to all mobile numbers

Where can we use this messaging service?

  • For integration into software, online portals, ecommerce website and other web applications
  • Sending promotional messages about your product and services.
  • Sending One-Time memo messages.
  • Sending customer care messages or billing reminders.

Our SMS gateways are reliable and our solutions are designed to take care of small and medium sized businesses needs.We also provide a managed SMS marketing service for busy entrepreneurs.

Transactional Sms packs

# SMS Credit Pack Per SMS Price Total Prise
1 For 1000 33 paise /sms Rs 330 payumoney
2 For 25000 23.6 paise/sms Rs 5900 payumoney
3 For 50000 16 paise/sms Rs 8000 payumoney
4 For 1 lakh 13 paise/sms Rs 13000 payumoney

Package Features

  • This package provides promotional SMS as per TRAI regulations.
  • Sender Id for the transactional messages is alpha (e.g. LM-AAAAA) and needs to be specified by the client. The number of sender Id’s available for use is unlimited
  • Transactional Messages are sent on DND numbers and can be sent during a 24 hour window.
  • Promotional messages cannot be sent through the transactional route. If promotional messages are sent through the transactional route, the transactional route will get converted to promotional.
  • The transactional route has a limit of 2000 messages per day.

Terms And Conditions

  • This offer is valid for a period of 7 days from the date of offer and all SMS are charged on push basis.
  • We work on a Pre-Paid model and expect complete payment to be made prior to use of services.
  • Payment can be made by Cash, Deposits to our Bank Account and Net Banking.
  • We work on an online sales model. We normally do not visit customer premises.
  • Pricing / Credit Balances are subject to changes in TRAI regulations and can be changed.
  • Kindly purchase after due diligence as no refunds shall be entertained in this regard.

Managed Bulk SMS System

This service is ideal for clients who send sms to large databases on an irregular basis and would prefer to outsource the actual sending.

Satej Infotech will upload your opt-in database (proof that this is an opt-in database will be required) and send your SMS messages for you for a small fee.

Managed SMS Marketing Services

Our Website Maintenance Solutions takes over the responsibility for updating and operating your site so that you can concentrate on what’s important to you.

Contact Us today if you want to discuss your Bulk SMS requirement and want a customized package.


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