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It is nice that you have decided to boost your revenue and have landed at the right spot. Well, how about exciting you with a fabulous introductory info – ‘You really don’t have to do much to boost the revenue and all we request is to hold our hands and absolutely nothing else’.Wait a minute, this is nor a sort of marketing gimmick and neither are we a quack. With our hands on experience across all sizes of business houses in various types of industries right from manufacturing start-ups to IT giants, we as marketing consultants have shown pretty good results and brought in consistent growth in revenue. Let’s just have a peep in what we can do with our expertise to bring about the forward change in the way you conduct business.

As a digital marketing consultant, it is not surprising to be bombarded with questions, more or less related to both digital marketing and internet marketing. By the by, it should be noted that digital and internet marketing are not two different entities. Rather it can be conclusively said that internet marketing is a subset of digital marketing. Now, coming to the crux of the issue – what services we offer for you? In a nutshell, everything that is digital and online media. Let’s explain:

Internet Website:

Internet Website

Ask any internet marketing consultant and he would vouch for the fact that the actual online journey of a digital marketing schema begins by establishing a good website. It can be blog or a corporate website, all the activities pertaining to the growth in business gets initiated by promoting the website to drive traffic.We visualize, design, construct, and implement your dream website.

Search Engine Marketing:

Search Engine Marketing

When one third of the business deals are based on the prominence of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), it makes a good proposition for us to concentrate the efforts to increase the online visibility of your website by achieving higher ranks. Although the methodologies and turnaround time for the results are absolutely mismatching, both the routes – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) as a part of Paid Search Advertising (PSA) are adapted by us to get the desired results within the accepted time frame. Again based on the in-depth audit and analysis of the website, we undertake both

on-site SEO in which the contents of the websites are made search engine friendly
off-site SEO in which the referral links are built in other sites or pages

It is not that PPC is bad as it attracts the visitors by presenting themselves at the top of the SERP list. We suggest the new start-ups with limited budget to go for PPC as it suddenly introduces their presence in the first page of search engine results. Remember, if not for PPC, it is near to impossible for startups to show up in first few pages of search engine results. This is attributed to the fact that results to start showing up in organic or natural growth through SEO takes its own time, ranging anywhere from 3 months to 6 months. Remember, we do not drive large hoard of traffic but attract right traffic that has high rate of conversion. It is only the conversion of business leads to prospective customers that matters. We put in all our technical resources and expertise to the best of use and device the most apt modus of operandi for your business revenue growth.

Social Media Marketing Services:

Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social media platforms have become one of the robust pillars of internet marketing. As a renowned sales and marketing consulting firm, we have clearly understood the importance of this recent trend and have deployed own strategies to achieve maximum utilization for our clients. Who would not love the thought of introducing a new product through social media and receive instantaneous positive review about the product? As social media is our forte, our strategic placement of advertisements in social media fetches the best coverage among the right targeted audience.

Management Services:

Management Services

It is the brand value and reputation that counts a lot while making purchase decisions. It is quite possible that due to few stale and stray comments in social media, misleading reviews and inaccurate links can have adverse impact of the impression. We strongly combat these negative trends created by strangers and bring the best out of the site.

Content Management Services:

Content Management Services

The verdict is out and content is the king. A good, relevant, informative content is bound to attract much more visitors than any other method. Our content management services for your site through blogs, visual images, and clips are sure shot winners. Also as a part of the regular site auditing, we weed out stale and relevant contents to permeate freshness in the website.

Email Marketing Services:

Email Marketing Services

Even in this social media dominant age, without any argument, it can be confirmedly said that email marketing is still thriving and is one of the most economical method of digital marketing. We gladly undertake all sorts of email marketing and with the help of Google analytics, we even clearly provide you with advanced reports indicating the quantum of visitors for your site through email promotional mails.

Mobile Marketing Services:

Mobile Marketing Services

With more and more users using their hand held devices for surfing the net, it definitely pays rich dividends if advertisements are strategically shown on mobile phones at the right time. It is not that the mobile marketing is all about contents or advertisements that are mobile friendly but it is also placing the relevant ads after taking the location of the device into due consideration. Mobile marketing is always a part of our strategy and has invariably provided withexcellent results.

Digital Banners Advertisements:

Believe us, for online marketing, it is only the right time and right targeted group matters and everything else is secondary.As a part of building efficient framework for brand value enhancement, elevation of brand recognition and product promotion, our consultancy services are pressed into their maximum utilization. Hence, we achieve the best results with our concrete efforts and well planned methodologies and provide the best ROI.

But how we are different from other marketing consulting firms? We are indeed obliged to address your concern.

In the first place, we try to work together to create crystal clear relevant contents and build all the strategies around them. Even our promotions across social media, search engines, and all other avenues have the core value intact to strengthen the impact of concentrated efforts.

If not for lead generation, nothing moves forward in business cycle. We believe in driving right quantity of good quality leads than the big rush of ordinary leads. Our strategic schema to qualify the leads plays an important role in devising the plan of action of your sales team.

Having generated leads, it is high time to convert them into prospective clients. Remember not more than little percentage of visitors makes decision on their first visit. We create repeat calls and recall their memory and place the brand before their visibility again and again. No wonder, our clients are happy with the sales conversions!

We understand that everybody would like to achieve the best with least resources. We also work on the same line of thought and put our sincere efforts for the best ROI. With in depth analysis, all the marketing campaigns are completely scrutinized and the effective ROI are devised. For instance, we pay uttermost attention towards inbound marketing campaigns as it pays rich dividends.

Well, definitely we can explain you more about our capabilities and success stories over a cup of coffee. Just contact us and on a mutually convenient occasion, let us discuss confidently and confidentially how we can improve upon the health of your business.