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Online Starter Bundle

Digital Marketing if done properly can be the way to market your business with the best ROI. If you think of any Growing company, they will be using some Form of Digital marketing to grow there business.
If you plan to grow your business in the 21st century, sooner or later you will have to implement Digital Marketing in your business.
There are three main reasons why business owners do not implement DIgital Marketing in their Business :-

1) Lack of knowledge

The Internet and Marketing Scenario is always changing and small Business owners do not know where to start. Well if you want, you can learn all about Digital marketing with our Digital Marketing for Business Owners course.

2) Lack of time

Even if Business Owners have the knowledge, they do not have the time to implement Digital Marketing. You can outsource your digital marketing to us.

3) High cost of marketing

Business owners know that they need to market their business but they dont do it because of high costs of marketing. If this is you, then this Online Starter Bundle is for you.
What do you get in the Online Starter Bundle:


A Website is an essential part of a marketing strategy. This is the first step of any online marketing activity.We will design a 1 page website showcasing all your business details.This website will also include links to your social media accounts and a google map.

Domain Name

A website needs domain name registration to exist.We will register a .in domain for you for 1 year included in this package


 A website needs a hosting package to host your website.We will host your website for you for a year in this package

Email accounts

A proffesional email account likinfo@yourbusinessname.com makes your business look proffesional.You can get upto 3 proffesional emails included in the account

Social Media Accounts

Social media profiles such as Facebook,Instagram or Youtube are a necessasity for modern day marketing.We will Open your accounts and prepare your profiles that look great.

Setup for Google Ranking

 Just having a website is not of any use if your customers cannot find the website. We will do a limited amount of SEO so that your website has a better chance of being found when your customers search for your search terms.

Google My Business Account

We will create a Google My Business (GMB) account which will help your SEO and showcase your details when someone searches with your company name on Google. Once you purchase this package you will have a strong online digital presence.Your customers will be able to find your information on the web which should result in you having more business enquiries and more customers.

Yearly Social Media Posts

You can subscribe to our package where You will get certain Social media posts (Such as Happy Diwali with your company name) done for you for a year.You can just copy the content and post it on your social media channels.This will also include Whatsapp posts. NOTE: We also have a seperate service where we manage your complete social media channels for you.

If you add up the cost of having each of this service seperately it is more than Rs 50,000/-. but with our  Online Starter Bundle we have priced it so that it is  affordable for everyone.