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Reliable Web Hosting Provider India

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100% Uptime Web Hosting

If you are looking for a quality web hosting solution which guarantees a 100% uptime guarantee then you have come to the right place. We are the best web hosting service provider in India to offer this solution.

If a potential customer arrives on your website to find that it is down, you risk losing the customer forever. If you opt for our 100% uptime web hosting solution we can guarantee that your platform will be up 100% of the time which minimises the downtime of a website.

How can we Guarantee a 100% Platform Uptime?

The cloud infrastructure underlying the satej infotech Cloud Hosting platform is fully redundant. To break it down…

Multiple active internet connections & routers.
N+1 Hypervisor clusters with multiple connections to each router.
Redundant iSCSI switches connect the hypervisorts to the SAN’s via multiple physical links.
The SAN’s are clustered together to mirror each other and each employs Raid 10 arrays providing the fast, reliable basis for the cloud platform.
The backup network then backups the cloud every hour, ensuring this traffic does not congest our primary network.