Ecommerce Website Design & Development Services Company in India

Retail world is witnessing a complete change. Yes, business is rapidly shifting towards ecommerce and right from readymade morning breakfast packetsto CNC machines, everything is being sold over the internet. As online ecommerce produces excellent opportunity to do business anywhere and at any time, it has true potential to bring more business and sales.We know that you are eager to enter the online business, but are you concerned about the ways to implement the complete ecommerce website solution that includes design, development, customization, digital marketing, and management? Cheer up. You have reached the perfect place to get the right service provider for building or redesigning your ecommerce website. We not only provide comprehensive ecommerce website development services, but also offer our consultancy services and provide true advice to make your ecommerce website ideas into reality. Our ecommerce website solutions and marketing ideas are aimed to bring in more customers for you from all parts of the world and provide ample opportunities for your business to grow.

We strive to accomplish the perfect ecommerce design for your website and sync perfectly with all the technical and functional requisites. Armed with focused efforts and expertise, we harness the maximum potential of our skill to offer a matchless and integrated solution for your assortment of needs. Be it the responsive web design that easily takes on the technological challenges of ever changing device sizes or the perfect secured platform that facilitates to conduct business with peace of mind or the elegant navigability that offers rich user experience, our designs and consultancy services pertaining toecommerce websites stand apart with sheer excellence.

We understand that no two requirements are same. Hence our feature rich ecommerce ideas are suitably customized and tailor made to offer the right solution for your business growth. Having said that, our total outlook remains focused on generation of more growth, brand value, and revenue. Precisely for this reason, our strategic ecommerce solutions are perfectly amalgamated with digital marketing consultancy and services to offer higher ROI, superior traffic and greater revenue.(To exactly know what our digital marketing consultancy and services can do for your business ideas, click on this blog). With plethora of ecommerce solutions available, we implement the best that conforms to the budgetary and functional requirement of the business.Well, let’s discuss what we have in store to offer for your ecommerce solutions.

Ecommerce Website Development

Based on the budgetary resources and functionality requirement we deploy the most appropriate ecommerce platforms such as WIX, Opencart, WordPressecommercewith WOOCOMMERCEplug-in orWP e-commerce and for complete customization and control over the functionality of your ecommerce website, we also provide our own customized module with the most versatile features for your all-inclusive ecommerce solutions.

Ecommerce Website with WIX – the best starter ecommerce solution

There can’t be a better solution for the first timers who would like to go online retailing in a jiffy. With WIX ecommerce, we perfectly optimize your ecommerce site for viewing it in any hand held device. The rich online store builder, easy customization, beautiful product galleries, stunning design templates,enables us to achieve the best feel and look for your ecommerce website. The versatile functionalities of WIX are ably modified for

Easy tracking of order
Simple payment procedures with all possible avenues
Effective promotion of sales
Flawless shipping methodologies

Ecommerce Development with Opencart and Opencart Plugins

It is an outstanding open platform that supports multiple currencies and languages and most importantly it has search engine friendly features. And what makes it the most attractive option are our adept customization skills in the following aspects:

Unique theme for the ecommerce site that reflects the brand value
Modification and incorporation of existing or additional modules and extensions as per the requirement
Optimization of website to make it light and speedy
Seamless integration of third party extensions
Unique plug-ins to serve additional features
Future ready designs that are highly scalable

Our customized website design and development using Opencart renders distinguished ecommerce carts, integratedpayment gateway, friendly dashboards, and most importantly supports unlimited products, categories, and business transactions.

Ecommerce with WordPress and Woocommerce plug-in

This is a perfect WordPress plug-in to manage everything on your online retail site. Once we have designed, developed, customized,and implemented your ecommerce website with the robust framework of woocommerce, it becomes a child’s play to conduct online business. As a matter of fact, it presents a delightful experience as we can scale up the features as your business grows. The listed below rich features of Woocommerce are adeptly customized to propel your online business success:

Highly configurable shipping module with real time calculations
Supports extensive payment methodologies and options
Full control over the data, design and extensions
Strong security features
Create and manage subscriptions, discounts, memberships with ease.

WordPress with WP eCommerce

WP eCommerce has matured itself on its decade old journey in the online retail business. With hundreds of customizable extensions and add-on features, we gladly provide you with whatever you need. Our customized module of WP eCommerce lies in its special features and abilities mentioned below

Secured integration with different payment options
Built-in marketing tools
Easy shipping with multiple couriers
Stress free check outs.

Ecommerce and Shopping Cart Module

If the business requirements demand or for those who prefer highly customized modules in lieu of third party open source solutions, our own ecommerce and shopping card module is a dream come true. It is a complete online selling ecosystem package with modular ecommerce development and shopping cart solution. In other words, the chunks of functional modules developed by us can be fit together like a puzzle to prepare a customized solution for your business. The best features of all third party open source solutions are adapted, customized, incorporated, and suitably integrated into a single bundle to render superior business functionality automation experience and marketing ease.

Ecommerce Website Design Features

Our website design not only provide rich visual look but also facilitates ‘gliding’ navigation, ‘wow factor’ user experience and much more.

Content management plays a crucial role in letting you have complete control over your business. Hence our modules are designed with complete content management system for all your pages to be managed efficiently and effectively. In short, you can add, edit or delete your content with ease.
Easy to navigate:Our predesigned templates are easily customizable to suit your requirement. This also considerably brings down the time taken for website design and development.
Customized design: If you need the website to match with your brand identity, we can easily customize the design.
Responsive design: With internet surfing through handsets surpassing the desktop counterparts, all our ecommerce website designs, including the templates and customized versions, are responsive in nature to render fabulous user interface.
Rich zoom in images: Visual media plays a vital role in garnering the attention of the user and this very fact is put into the best of use – Rich image features such as ‘zoom’ in to engage the viewers.
Multi image gallery: Image galleries are nothing but eye ball catchers when it is effectively used. Multi image galleries provide the fabulous facility of accentuating every aspect of your product. Having grabbed the attention, we employ the best tactic in our design to sustain the engagement. Our customized solutions have the provision to display multiple alternative images for a single product. For instance, all the front and side views of a mobile phone to showcase its features and thickness can be shown as multiple images for effective visual communication.
Easy search: As a part of providing rich user experience, it becomes necessary to incorporate features to search for the products inside the store using keyword. Hence our ecommerce websites can include the search button option in all our variants.
Product display: Retaining the engagement is the key for success of online retailing. Our customized design or templates provide the ability to group your products as per the specified classification. Forinstanceour modules are strategically designed to display the related, featured, and also new products in specific sections as they are proven to increase the sales. If required, the page can also be customized to display even the recently viewed products within a defined time frame.

Ecommerce Website Marketing Features

Our ecommerce websites not only looks visually good, but also are full of features that make selling your products online much easier.

Product Reviews and Feedback Options:

Special design features to obtain the product reviews and feedbacks are inbuilt in our module to improve upon the quality of customer service and the product. In fact, this is one of the proven features that help in selling more products.

Search Engine Friendly:

Who does not love good rankings in search engine results page as they give you more traffic and thus more sales. Our ecommerce web pages are designed systematically to facilitate easy indexing by the bots and also to provide additional scope for better implementation of SEO.

Wish List:

It is a definitely a good functional and marketing strategy to remind all the logged in customers about the wish list items. This not only reminds the user about the items that are close to their heart, but also induces the customer to go for it. Our ecommerce solutions perfectly understand this aspect and cater the same.

Social Media Sharing:

With the buzz of social media echoing all the corridors of business, our ecommerce solution aptly uses the enthusiasm for effective marketing strategies. Our inbuilt buttons for Facebook sharing or Tweeting are bound to increase the brand image across the users.

Integrated CRM System:

CRM integration is strategically employed in our ecommerce solution to provide seamless joint functioning of website and CRM. This not only facilitates the effective utilization of man power to track the sales leads, but also throws light on the details pertaining to the leads’ visit to the website. No wonder it makes it very easy to send promotions to the collected database. We call this as CRM system – the marketing chamber.

Bulk Email and SMS Marketing:

In this digital era, there can’t be a more economical methodology other than bulk email and SMS marketing. Hence these marketing tactics are comprehensively integrated to enable full-fledged marketing of people across all walks of life. This is a valuable add-on to effectively harness the marketing power of the above mentioned CRM.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics:

In addition to the standard reporting, based on needs, customization of the module can be taken up to provide advanced reporting. The analytics integration is also incorporated in the solution to track the web traffic generated by yours emails. Availability of these tools presents a huge opportunity to analyze the performance of the marketing strategies.

Functionality of our Ecommerce Website Module

The functionality ease of a website not only rests with the navigation but also with other essential features such as payment options, support for multi languages, currencies, and tax rates, discount coupons, ease of check outs, effective supplier management, inventory management, editing ability of product details and much more.

Payment Options:

Smooth financial transaction is never a concern with our highly secured payment features. Be it PayPal or EBS or for that matter any financial gateway provider, our seamless features ensure secured transactions with the help of highest level of standard compliances.

Email Alerts:

With the inbuilt provision of automatic email alerts on both occasions – to the system administrator and customer on order success and from the admin on change of order status ensure transparency in business dealings and inculcate confidence about the business entity in the hearts of customer.

Support of Multi Languages:

With India rich in multi cultured and demographic societies, we have ably incorporated the functionality feature to support multi languages. Not only Indian languages, but most of the global languages are supported by it.

Multiple Currencies and Tax Rates:

Again with online retail open to the whole world, our ecommerce solutions are inbuilt with features to accept multiple currencies. Moreover, based on the law of the geographic location of the customer, the ecommerce solutions can be customized to provide differential tax rates.

Discount Coupons:

In today’s scenario, there can’t be a better way other than discount coupons to attract visitors. Having envisaged this, our modules have inbuilt provisions to add and edit discount coupons.

Ease of Check Outs:

With people always in want of time, ease of check out is a norm rather than an additional feature. Be it an access through login or single time use through guest accounts, retail businesses can be customized to provide single page check out.

Order Status and History:

A separate account section to cater the complete requirement of users – right from order status, History, and even wish list are incorporated in the module to facilitate better user experience.

Ecommerce Website Management Features

We strongly believe that robust design need not be translated into tough operational techniques. In fact ease of operation plays an important role in the success of design. Toeing that line of argument, our ecommerce solutions are so easy to operate that the administrators need not have any technical back ground.

Effective Supplier Management:

It is not sufficient to cater only the front end buyers but also the back end suppliers. A mismatch in supply chain management is a fine recipe for chaos in online business. We know the importance of efficient supplier management and hence our modules are equipped with crystal clear features for the flawless supply chain links by providing the ability to add, modify, or delete the manufacturer’s details including that of their logos. We can also implement your algorithm to calculate supplier payments at the click of a button.

Inventory Management:

An ecommerce business can thrive only if proper inventories are maintained. With countless product categories, it becomes a herculean task to have proper inventory management. But our ecommerce solutions provide the best in town inventory management customization module for smooth conducting of your business.

Product Management:

The impregnated feature of product management allows the admin to have complete control over the system. Addition, modification, deletion of not only productsbut also the related details like price, image, description, model number and availability can be easily carried out with few clicks.

Content Management System:

Our ecommerce website solution renders the most comprehensive CMS to smoothly conduct business with least disturbance in the performance. For instance, with nil or least disturbance to the system, the operational simplicity of our ecommerce solution enables the admin to place a single product in multiple categories.

Order Management:

The back end office is provided with complete control over the flow of information pertaining to order management right from the order placement to its delivery. This centralized system produces effective control of various agencies involved in online retailing and lets you know the exact status of any order at any given moment.

Invoice Generation and Printing:

With all details available in digital format, our ecommerce solution generates invoices for all orders and precisely reflects the present day price and the prevalent tax information.

Multiple Permission Admin Logins:

For effective control of various modules of the solution, it is necessary to maintain proper supervisory control of all sub systems. Hence distinct logins with variable permissions can be provided to facilitate easy and multi levelcontrol of the system.

Banner Management:

Our ecommerce website solution provides efficient control of banner and advertisement management and you can easily add, edit or delete banners with ease.

What we have listed above are only few of the salient features.Moreover, our cutting edge technology and expertise plays a pivotal role in the designing stage and enables us to present several high quality options to facilitate easy control of your ecommerce business. In a nutshell, the deliverables of numerous other features are sure to spoil you with choices and turn over a new leaf in your business prosperity.