Manage your Ecommerce Website Efficiently with these Awesome Mobile Apps

Manage Your Ecommerce Website Efficiently with these Mobile Apps

July 22nd, 2017

Having an E-commerce website is the latest trend and everybody wants to make the most of it. It allows you to work from anywhere in the world and also does not restrict your work timings. One can easily purchase from an online store according to his/her convenience and that is what makes e-commerce stores so popular. But that does not mean that you can relax. You need to be on your toes to market your products constantly and also be aware of the latest customer –engagement strategies. Also, you must ensure that you select the right ecommerce website development company who will guide you towards achieving your business goal.

Manage your Ecommerce Website with these awesome mobile apps

Smart-phones are ruling and almost everybody today owns one. Being a handy medium several people enjoy shopping from their smart –phones at their convenience. Also, you as a business owner can have control of your e-commerce store on your smart-phones when you are on the go. Here, we have listed 10 mobile apps that will help manage your e-commerce website efficiently.

1. MailChimp

Several e-commerce stores make use of this efficient email marketing app. It provides you with an easy platform to stay in touch with your contacts. You can easily check the CTR (click-through rates) of your latest promotional email or get a glimpse of how your list of segments is responding. What’s more is that this app can integrate with sites such as Shopify, effortlessly.

2. Buffer

If you need some awesome content for your social media handles then this is your go-to app. This app allows you to either curate or create your own content for social channels. All you need to do is schedule it for the day and time you wish to publish it and rest will be taken care by this app. Convenient isn’t it?
To achieve this, you can hire a dedicated social media manager for ecommerce business and enjoy its benefits.

3. Shopify’s E-commerce App

Touted as one of the most efficient mobile app to manage your e-commerce business, this app allows you to do all the tracking and reporting. You can instantly have access to your website traffic, cart additions, conversions and much more. It is as if you have your e-commerce store in your pocket. No matter which place you are, this app offers you the convenience of being at the helm of your business operations.

4. Mint

Worried about your finances? Here’s an app that will ease out your worries. This app pulls information from investments, savings, credit cards and accounts and allows you to keep track of it all. All you need to do is connect all your financial accounts with this app so that you can monitor the in-flow of funds and know when your bills are due.


Abbreviation of If this then that, this app allows you to sync a variety of your daily activities. This streamlining reduces several tedious tasks that you would need to manage for your e-commerce website. For instance, if you create a recipe and share it on Instagram, a tweet having an image will automatically be published on Twitter. Yes, all this can be done on your smart phone! If at all you need help to understand the procedure you can seek professional help.

6. Mention

Use your smart phones to keep tabs on your competitors! Yes, you heard us right. This app allows you to do just that. Enter a keyword or bran phrase that you wish to track and Mention will do it for you in real. Mention app will send you a notification the moment your competitor uses your selected keyword. This way you can always be on top of your business and at the same time be able to track what people have got to say about your products and brand.

7. Google Analytics

This mobile app lets you access information at your fingertips. You can monitor your website traffic, campaigns and conversions. This is helpful when you run several campaigns and need to track it consistently especially when you are on the go.

8. Facebook

Of course you are well conversant with Facebook. But do you have a business page manager? This is mandatory if you wish to know about user engagement and direct messages. It also enables you to monitor insights and data for ad campaigns that you are running on Facebook and Instagram.

9. Hootsuite

If you have just started out with your business and are not familiar with most of the marketing channels, you can pick one or two social handles and make use of this app. This helps you manage all your social channel accounts from a single dashboard. You can also check work and personal accounts several times without having to login and logout.

10. Wanelo

This unique Want, Need, Love (Wanelo) is a super online shopping mall. It is a great way to promote both, your products as well as your e-commerce website and it brings all the feeds together. It is an ideal app to avail new ideas for your business and have an edge over others by having a strong hold on your promotional activities for your e-commerce website.

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