Cheap Web Hosting Company issues to Consider

The issues with Cheap web hosting that hosting providers don’t want you to know

April 10th, 2014

I have come across the following comments a lot in the discussions that I have,
“What is special about website hosting? It is a commodity. One should just choose the cheapest one available.”

The issues with Cheap web hosting that hosting providers don’t want you to know

I thought I would clarify my thoughts on this. When you are looking for a company offering cheap web hosting we need to think about the following :

1) Is It Shared?

The cheapest web hosting packages come as a shared hosting solution. This means that a few (or a lot!!) of websites/domains share the same hosting space. This means that the resources and the capacity of the server is shared amongst all these websites. If at any one time, say website ‘A’ utilizes a lot of server resources, the performance of all remaining websites on that space will be affected. Your customers will see this effect, even if you don’t.

2) Security and Blacklisting

There are a few security issues with cheap web hosting (because it is shared hosting) that one should be aware of. If one website on the shared platform gets hacked, then the security of all other websites on that platform is compromised.

Another issue we have seen a lot is Blacklisting of the Servers. All these shared websites share a common IP address. If one site on this IP address sends spam emails, or is hacked to send spam emails, search engines like google blacklist the whole IP address. This means that if this happens on your shared hosting platform, any emails that you send have more of a chance to get marked as SPAM.

3) Website Speed

If the web hosting solution is offered cheap, it is more likely that the hosting provider will try and cram more websites on their hosting platform. This means the shared hosting resources are stretched which will affect the speed of your websites. This can also happen as a direct result of the issues discussed in the above two points.

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