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6 Value Addition a Good Web Design Development Service Should Provide 300x250

6 Value Addition a Good Web Design & Development Service Should Provide

When you are hiring services of a Web Design company for the first time, it could be quite hard to know what to expect. All website designing companies will of course be delivering a website (well, at least they should be providing a website) but which value additions can your web design firm provide as standard so that your website is among the best!!!

In this article I will answer just that.

A web design service provider should

1) Ask questions to understand your business, your USP, your customers/target market, competitors, reasons you want a website and your marketing strategy to get your website in front of your ideal customer. This information will help the web design company to produce a website which not only looks better than your competition but also works hard to get you more customers.

2) Make your website responsive i.e. viewable on all devises and platforms – laptop, PC, IPod, Tablet & Smartphone. Your customer could be viewing your website on any devise or platform and if your website is not responsive you will not be able to deliver the same experience to your customers.

3) A good web design company should perform on page SEO which will include relevant url’s for all pages, page title, meta keywords & meta description & alt tag for images. Another important function is to include 301 redirect. I have seen that not many pure website designers and developers know about the 301 redirect. When someone types your website url without using www they will be automatically directed to the version with www at the beginning because of the 301 redirect. If 301 redirect is not included then both sites will be viewed as different sites and this will hurt your search engine ranking. It helps if your website design company is also an SEO Firm.

4) The web design firm should produce a website which is user friendly. By this I mean that before designing and developing a website the end user and their requirements should be kept in mind. For example if your business is to build retirement homes then your target client are elderly people and they may not be technically savvy. The web designer should keep this in mind and create a website which is simple and straight forward to use.

5) Testing- Once a website is designed and development it should be thoroughly tested for any errors. Check if all links are working, is the enquiry form collating right details like email, phone, name, address etc. Once details are collected by contact us form or enquiry form are they being sent to the right person and in the required format.

6) Ongoing Support- Once the website is thoroughly tested it’s now time to deliver it i.e upload the website with the relevant hosting provider. Once this is done ongoing support should be offered by the web design company by fixing any errors or integration problems.

I hope this article has helped you understand what should be provided by a good web design and development service provider.

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