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Why Should You Change Your Hosting Provider?

So, finally you have published your website and you are happy about it. True, your website has all the content needed to generate quality traffic, build a reputation and all is hunky dory until you realize that your site has gone down. This can be a nightmare, right?

Generally speaking, as a business owner you tend to invest a lot of money and time to create a website. But you overlook one main aspect of website- hosting. This comes to the limelight only when your site goes down and its performance is impaired. To avoid this, we recommend that you consult a good web hosting provider in India and rectify this problem before it turns into a bigger one. In addition to this, there are few more factors which may indicate mediocre technical conditions and that you may need to switch your web host.

Why Should You Change Your Hosting Provider

We’ve listed a few signs that will help you decide whether it is time to leave your current web hosting provider and find a better one.

1. Site Load Time is More than Five Seconds

The speed of your website is a key factor: faster the site speed better is the search engine rankings. There are two reasons that can increase your website’s load time:

• Too many clients on a server- This is clearly an indication of poor web hosting. Too many clients on one server can increase downtime and affect the website’s performance.
• Too many requests- This may occur when several visitors access your website’s content.

To clarify the poor load time, we recommend Google’s free tool- Page Speed Insights. You can enter the URL of your website; the tool will then evaluate how the website is performing and where you need to improve.

2. Your Website is Down Frequently

Although everybody would have liked if their website would stay in the air all the time, it is a difficult task. The server on which your website is hosted needs to undergo maintenance and may not be free of technical problems.

Generally, the server is available ( uptime) for at least 99.5% of the time. This means that the hosting can be out of the air for about 3 ½ hours every 30 days. This may not sound great for many as such a long downtime can bring great losses. It is therefore recommend that you choose a web hosting service provider that can guarantee a minimum of 99.7% uptime.

3. Long Downtime

Too much downtime is a clear indication of a poor web host. This can occur if the server is overloaded or due to abuse by an individual user. However compelling your content and graphics may be, no user would like to open a website that does not open most of the time. Therefore, downtime can cause you to lose traffic, reputation and even SERP rankings.

4. No Emails

Most of the hosting companies offer email service in their plan which can be of immense help for those hiring them. However, in case the email does not work properly or is unstable, it can cause damage to the site owner.

If in case you face problems with the email service often, it is recommended that you look for its origin and check for any incorrect configuration or any instability problem. If however, the problem persists, it is time to change the host.

5. Poor Support

The quality of support provided by your hosting company is very important. They should provide you with the required support whenever your site goes down. It can be on a weekend or at midnight, they must be able to resolve any technical issues and ensure that your website is working properly. If they are unable to rectify your site’s problem when you need them the most, it is an indication to find a new web host.

6. Files Deleted

Your files getting accidentally deleted may not be a regular problem but it may occur. This may happen if you hire a web hosting company who may not have an efficient system in place to protect their customer’s data. It is best if you create a back-up of all your files and website to avoid tricky situations.

7. Your Website is Nearing the Hosting Features Limit

If your site does well in terms of traffic and content, it may start consuming more of the hosting resources such as the bandwidth or disk space. This can cause your website to become unavailable as it may reach the limit of the resources imposed by the host. We recommend that you track the resources of the server and move your website before it reaches the limits.


It is imperative that you consider several factors before switching the host. Moving your website form one host to another can be tricky especially if it includes email. Therefore, the decision to switch host must be planned and well thought of. Also, select the best web hosting in India which facilitates free migration service and simplifies the entire process.

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