Benefits of using SMS for Customer Service
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What are the Benefits of using SMS for Customer Service?

Very few people are aware that SMS can be used to enhance customer service. Most of us often use SMS only as a communication channel; to text friends, family etc. If you wish to support and engage your customers, make use of SMS and stay ahead in the competition. You can avail bulk SMS service at affordable prices and be assured of positive results.

What are the Benefits of Using SMS for Customer Service

It is a fact that today most of us use a smart phone and its usage is definitely on the rise. It is one of the most versatile and widely used medium for B2C communication. A survey also reveals that 64% of people prefer text messages or SMS to phone calls for customer service.

Here Are 6 Top Benefits Of Using Bulk SMS Services For Enhancing Customer Relationship.

1. Builds Trust with Customers

Voice calls can be recorded and saved by the company for future use. With SMS, the customer and the company both can have a copy of their conversation and can review it at their will. This helps build trust with the customers.

2. No Call Waiting

A study shows that 34% of callers hang up when put on hold during a voice call and they do not call back. Today, people are busy and cannot afford to be kept on hold for a long duration. Besides call waiting , most companies using the voice call method run the risk of several other poor customer experiences. Also, a statistic reveals that 84% of the customers get agitated if the agent does not provide them with proper information. This causes companies to lose 8-15% of their customer base each year.

These hassles can be curtailed using text message. You can text a message and wait for the customer to reply at their own discretion.

3. Saves Time

Calling every customer personally or leaving voicemails can be a time consuming task. Moreover, most people don’t bother to listen to the voicemails. On the other hand, a text message can be sent at any time to a number of people simultaneously. Doctors, salons, restaurants or any other service that requires appointment reminders can hugely benefit from Bulk SMS Service in Pune . Isn’t this a reason enough to save time?

4. SMS is Used Globally

Today, the market is flooded with new apps every day and people enjoy using them. However, it must be noted that several people still do not have access to the internet where as they have access to text. One does not necessarily need to have a smart-phone to receive a text message.

5. Text Message is Convenient

Most people find it convenient to read the instructions in a text message than listen to a voice call. It can be very frustrating to listen to a voice during bad weather or poor connectivity. It is believed that 44% of people prefer reading an SMS that be on hold during call. A text message can be sent at any time and the customers too are free to read it at their convenience without affecting their daily schedule. Customers can even communicate on the go through a text message. In short, a text message does not pin down customers and makes for a better customer service experience.

6. Spontaneous Communication

In case of certain last minute changes in your services, you can always type a text message and send it to your client immediately. The client will not have to wait to speak to a representative over the phone to know about the changes. Sending a text message will guarantee you that your client will receive it within minutes unlike voice mails which may never be heard.

There are many more benefits that bulk SMS service can provide. People find it highly convenient to text their concerns regarding password resets, refill orders, checking balance, etc. Overall, bulk SMS service is gaining momentum as a convenient customer service option for many businesses.

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