What Jobs are available in Big Data Industry?
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What Jobs are available in Big Data Industry?

What Is Big Data?

It is a term that describes a large volume of both structured and unstructured data that affects the daily business of an organization. It helps organizations take important and strategic business decisions. It can be a daunting task to decide what needs to be done and where to begin. Although the term is relatively new, the act of collecting and storing information for a company’s use is not new.

What jobs are available in Big Data Industry

What Job Roles Are Available In The Big Data Industry?

You must be wondering which role you can choose in the Big Data industry. There are two main roles that are classified as;

1. Big Data Engineering

2. Big Data Analytics

Both these fields are interdependent yet different.

The Big data engineering includes designing, deploying, acquiring and storing of large amount of data/information. The systems are required to make relevant information available to several internal applications and those that have to face consumers.
On the other hand, Big Data Analytics involves using the data from the systems designed by the engineers of big data. In Big Data Analytics, your role would involve analyzing patterns and trends and develop several predictions, classification and forecasting systems.

In short, Big Data Analytics involves computation on data while big data engineering involves designing and deploying systems on which computations need to be carried out.

How do you fit in the industry?

Now that you are aware of the different roles that are available in the Big Data industry, let us try to understand which role might best suit you. This may give you a clear understanding about which profile you would want to choose.

Each person is categorized as follows:

Note: this classification is based on your industry experience and education background

• Educational Background
(This includes interests and not necessarily education qualifications)
1. Computer Science
2. Mathematics

• Industry Experience
1. Fresher
2. Data Scientist
3. Computer Engineer (work related to Data projects)
Depending on the above categories, your profile may be defined as follows:

Eg 1: You are a computer science graduate with good mathematical skills but no work experience
Here, you may have interest in Computer science or Maths but with no work experience, you will be considered as a “fresher”.

Eg 2: You are a computer science graduate working as a database developer
Your interest in Computer Science and work experience qualifies you to be fit for the role of a Computer Engineer for data related projects.

Eg 3: You are a statistician working as a data scientist
You have an interest in Mathematics and fit for the role of a Data Scientist.
The roles defined above will help you find your role in the big data industry.

Hopefully the above mentioned information helped you know more about the Big Data Industry and provide you sufficient knowledge about the various roles you can take up.

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