Shape-up Your Career through an Internship
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Shape-up Your Career through an Internship

Experiences teach you a lot and it seems relevant in today’s competitive world. Employers today are keen to hire people with some work experience be it from a volunteer work, hands-on work experience or an internship.

Companies today are competing against each other to be above the rat-race and people too are competing to get hold of a coveted position in their dream company. If you are a graduate from Kolhapur and thinking of applying for a job, we recommend you get an internship in Kolhapur done first. Working as an intern will help you gain experience and give you an edge over your competitors.

Shape up your career through an Internship

Here, we have shared 5 reasons to help you understand the significance of an internship and its importance in defining your career.

1. Experience and Exposure

First and foremost, if possible, choose an internship in the field of your choice. This can add a remarkable value to your career. This way, you get a first-hand exposure of working in a company. An internship provides you with the platform to hone your skills and put into practice the theoretical knowledge gained in the university.
During the internship, you will learn about the industry standards and match your level up to it. This can be an enriching experience as you will understand how that particular field will shape up your career.

Also, sometimes an internship may require you to move out of your comfort zone, another city and meet new people which will all be beneficial for your overall development. You will be given proper training, assignments and responsibilities which you will need to achieve in a stable and controlled environment.

2. Helps you Realize Your Own Potential

Internships can open doors for you to know more about your potential. You will have a better understanding about your goals and how you can possibly achieve them. Internship will also help understand the job requirements better. For instance, you are a marketing graduate and opt for a similar internship. You can get to explore about the opportunities available in the marketing field and it may so happen that reality may not meet your expectations. It will give you a chance to decide whether to continue the current career path or choose something else.

3. Broaden Your Professional Network of People

Networking is an important aspect if you wish to advance in your career. By opting for an internship in Kolhapur you will have the privilege of attending networking events and establish relationships with the right kind of people. Being an intern will provide you with better opportunities of building connections with professionals that will be beneficial for your future career.

You may not need networking during your internship or initial stage of your career but life can be unpredictable and having a plan B may come handy. That is when most networking will support you. Ensure that you carry your business cards everywhere you go as networking can happen anywhere, even over a cup of coffee at your favourite coffee shop!

4. Allows Your Resume to Reach the Right People

Your resume says a lot about you as it reaches the employer even before he sees you in person. Internships are a great way to give your resume the much needed boost. When an employer sees that you have a summer internship or an internship of 6 months in a company, it will convince him that you will be asset to the company.

Make sure that you list the projects or tasks that you undertook as an intern. Furthermore, add the skills or abilities that you acquired during your internship. All this will enhance your resume and land you a better position in the company than your contemporaries.

5. More Chances of Getting a Full-Time Position

In some cases, getting a job immediately after graduating may have certain drawback. Layoffs, bosses’ ire, etc can be overwhelming and even difficult for most “fresher’s”.

Although not guaranteed, internships do offer you with opportunities of landing with full-time positions. You have to make sure that you add value to the organization and you will surely be rewarded. Employers are more inclined to hire you especially after investing money and time during your internship.

An internship helps you showcase your talents and add value to a prospective employer.

Given these points, you can be sure that an internship will play a major role for your career. So, while you are in your graduation or after completing it you can always think of indulging in an internship in Kolhapur and build a better future for yourself.

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