Magento Website Design & Ecommerce Development
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Magento Website Design & Ecommerce Development

‘Build your business with the eCommerce platform that puts you in control’ – Magento website

Launched on March 31, 2008, Magento is a professional open source eCommerce CMS. Magento offers its users flexibility and control over website creation and eCommerce website design, and promises to deliver unique eCommerce solutions to its customers. Magento is now owned by eBay Inc, but the developer Varien, designed Magento with the vision that each eCommerce application must be unique, since each and every business is also unique.

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The eCommerce solutions Magento offers are flexible, scalable and are designed to be help their clients grow and succeed in an online eCommerce environment. The content, functionality, look and feel of their online store can be controlled by the user, and Magento offer support, services and training to their clients. The technology platform is cost-effective, and Magento’s network of partners and certified developers are able to help design, build and host the client’s online store.

Thousands of apps and extensions are also made available by Magento’s partners, to assist the client in adding custom features and functionality. Magento was developed using the Zend Framework, and uses EAV the (entity-attributed-value) database model. Magento’s website offers a free demo and contains a gallery full of customer success stories. Here is a link to Magento’s web page:

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