Top Facebook Updates That You Need To Know Now!
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Top Facebook Updates That You Need To Know Now!

This time of the year is the busiest for most entrepreneurs. With few months remaining to achieve the goals set for the year, it can be herculean task for many. With limited time and million things at hand, we are sure you must be hard pressed for time. So, here we have shared with you some of the latest updates from the Facebook world. This will help you kick-start your endeavour with gusto! However, it is imperative that you select the best social media marketing company in Pune which will help you achieve your goals faster.

Top Facebook Updates That You Need To Know Now

Here are some of the top updates from Facebook that you should be aware if you wish to have an edge over your competitors!

1. Improved Methods To Get More Out Of Offline Outcome

The latest update from Facebook features improved tracking and targeting. This in combination with people based measurements, pixels and possibility of creating several different types of custom audiences is providing advertisers with whole new possibilities. This update allows advertisers to get to know detailed information and insights about their audience along with their actions.

However, as an entrepreneur you must be aware that merely having an online presence is not sufficient in today’s competitive world. You must make sure that you also measure the impact of your campaigns on offline purchase such as phone bookings and in-store sales.

• Engage Customers Who Buy Offline

Seek help from a reputed social media marketing company in Pune to create custom audiences who have bought a product offline earlier. Keeping such customers engaged will provide you with a range of new possibilities and also help you understand the impact of your campaigns.

• Engage Customers Who Buy From Your Store

Customers who make purchase from your store physically must be made your priority. Store visitors help to refine the tracking of people by enabling geo-location services on their devices.
To make the most of this improved tracking and targeting updating feature, go to the “Ads Preference” and improve the relevance of your ad.

2. Have An Open Conversation With Your Customers

This new message objective feature enables you to have a direct and an open conversation with your customers. This feature when combined with the click to messenger ads will help you to generate leads, answer questions, offer support and drive transactions. Having been optimized for “replies” these ads will be delivered to people who are more likely to begin a conversation with you.

3. Customize Your Thank You Page

Undoubtedly, lead ads have a major impact on your business. However, not being able to customize the thank you page was a big drawback earlier. This caused a lot of disinterest among the customers and potential customers. They would see no point in visiting your website after submitting the form. The customers were also probably not aware that they could download an item directly without having to wait for a confirmation email. Also, the CRM was used to deliver the content. But thanks to the new feature by Facebook all this is the thing of the past now.

The new feature on Facebook allows you to customize the Thank You page with a headline, description and button to view the download/website. The button will redirect the user to your website such that he is able to download the content. This sounds really great!

Get in touch with the best social media marketing company in Pune and communicate them your expectations. This will also help them design and customize your Thank You page in a great way.

4. Improved Canvas Templates

Today, mobile phone is the most widely used device for communication. This has helped Facebook to allow its advertisers to create great content and engage their audiences. The Canvas feature is beneficial to advertisers and allows them to tell their stories beautifully. To boost this ability, Facebook is continuously trying to improve the Canvas feature. The new feature provides advertisers with an immersive experience by allowing using a collection of ads, guiding the customers through new products by using lifestyle images + tags.

In order to give your brand a meaningful and strong experience, it is important to tactfully insert your product between people and places.

The new templates will simplify the ad creation process by keeping in mind the three main objectives;

A) Acquire New Customers
B) Showcase a Business
C) Sell Products

5. New Custom Option For Audience

Although in its beta stage, this feature will soon be available to all and will offer you two more options to Engagement Custom audience.

A) Dwell Time:

This type of custom audience will allow you to re-target users without taking any actions who have spent time on your Facebook and Instagram ads. This can prove to be advantageous and provide more re-targeting possibilities. For instance, say a user views your ad for a few seconds and then scrolls down the feed. This could possibly mean that the user needs to know more information about your brand or product. So, this feature will allow you to provide the user with customized and accurate re-targeting ads.

B) Link Sharing:

Slightly different from the dwell time option, the link sharing feature will allow you to re-engage with users who take action on your ads(especially sharing). Sharing any content is a powerful action as it conveys that the user trusts, appreciates or enjoys your content. Sharing helps others know about the same content and it can be really helpful.

However, please note that Facebook won’t be introducing this feature any time soon.

6. Event Interaction Custom Audiences

Facebook is really promoting custom engagement of audiences and it can be seen with the new features. Event interaction custom audience is an interesting feature.
In case of event promotion campaigns, it was difficult to know if people would attend or if the event be empty.

It is interesting to note that Facebook allows people to respond to an event irrespective of whether they would attend it or not. However, with this feature you will be able to retarget such people with attractive and relevant content. This will in turn increase the chance of users recalling your brand as well as your event. Interesting, isn’t it?

Make sure that you choose the social media marketing company in Pune wisely if you really wish to make the most of the features updated by Facebook and help your business scale.

7. Fundraisers

It is a well known fact that Facebook helps people connect better and also offers several opportunities to do so. Also, everybody is aware about how much its founder Mark Zukerberg and Priscilla Chan are involved with charitable causes.

These fundraisers help you to support causes that you wish to take up and also connect you with various charitable organizations across the globe.

All these seven updates from Facebook if utilized tactfully will produce great results and ensure that you have a strong presence both online and offline. However, in order to make sure these updates work well for you , it is recommended that you select a reputed social media marketing company in pune which will help bring results and boost your business.

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