Web Design Company in Kolhapur Discloses 5 Reasons Your Website is Being Ignored
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Web Design Company in Kolhapur Discloses 5 Reasons Your Website is Being Ignored

Your website can be ignored by the most important person” Your Customers”. Yes . You heard that right. Although a website is needed to attract and keep the customers engaged, web designers are overlooking some basic factors that are causing your website to be ignored. There are numerous reasons as to why your website may be getting ignored. As a web design company in Kolhapur, we have listed 5 main factors which should be avoided regardless of the type of business you have. To understand what important factors are overlooked and to understand the solution to the problem, read on further.

Web Design Company in Kolhapur Discloses 5 Reasons Your Website is Being Ignored

Is Your Website Designer Geared Up To Produce A Website Which Is Visited By Customers?

1. Is Your Website Name Same as Your Business Name?

Today’s generation want information instantly! Your website name must give away what business you do. For instance, if you run a hair salon it would be apt if your website name is www.hairnclinic.com . A look at the name and people will understand that your business is related to hair. The onus is on the web designers to suggest you an appropriate address name to prevent any confusion. Thus, avoid using confusing and irrelevant name instead keep it to the point and allow the user to identify your business with your website name.

2. No Proper Contact Information

Alright .So you have a great website design and have a successful business. However, if your contact details, especially your phone numbers are not mentioned at the right place on your website then the main aim of having a website will not be justified. It has been observed that most websites hide their contact details in the contact us page. This is a mistake and it should be avoided. When you have a presence online, people from across the globe might want to contact you directly. It becomes imperative that you add your contact information like email, your phone number at places where people are most likely to see it. If you haven’t got this done, do it today!

3. Not –So-User-Friendly Navigation System

As a web design company from Kolhapur we are sorry to say that most of the websites we see today in Kolhapur are poorly designed and have poor navigation systems. For example, say you had designed your website with pull down menus right at the top of your page, at the start of your business, however, with changes in the business, your website too underwent a sea of change. In the process of adding your company’s new products and services, you end up making your site more confusing and complicated. To avoid this from happening and interfering with your business, use only one navigation system for your site and make it user -friendly. A single navigation system enables the user to have a better understanding of your website.

4. Your E- print is Different than What’s Being Said on Your Social Media

Social media is a powerful medium to connect with the audience/prospective customers. Everybody is aware of this fact. Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn are the three most used social networking sites, by people across the globe. Also, these social media giants allow a business to provide different types of information and communicate with the audience on many levels.

For better results your website must constantly update images and messages that should be shown on your social media to keep the message same at all time to your customers across all platforms. This helps you get more involved with your customers. However, most business only upload their images or messages and then forget about updating on social media. This should be avoided. A good website designer will always provide a system that will help you share content and images on social media with ease.

5. Poor Content or Not Informative Content

Your website must be designed in such a way that it provides the user with all the information about your products and services. In case the information on your website is poorly written or the content is placed haphazardly then it’s time you redesign your website. Your website must contain precise information; title, subtitle etc must be distinguishable and easy for the user to understand. Web designers in Kolhapur must pay special attention to this aspect and ensure that the placement of content is proper and easy for the users to understand.

To sum up, it can be said that a well designed website keeping in mind all the above mentioned factors will help the business in the long run. It is also important to note that while designing a website it must be made not only from company’s point of view but also from the user or customer point of view too. A presentable and informative website will not only help increase the customers but also maintain healthy relationship with the current customers. Avoid the above mistakes and avoid being ignored!

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