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Website Design Trends in India for 2016

It can be said with effervescing confidence – There are only few aspects in the world that are more dynamic than web designing! With technology steering the drive, such is the veracity of the changes, it is very difficult to predict what is in the store for website design for the year 2016. Nevertheless, with the last few years of trends, it is definitely clear where the lackluster and awesome performing features are located. Perhaps it is the year to look out for few exciting changes that can revolutionize the digital media.

Best Website Design Trends 2016

Innovative styles, brilliant concepts, sharp technologies, cutting edge designs, sophisticated techniques and powerful tools are sure to rule the roost. With the sharp increase in usage of hand held devices in India, each and every web designing company in India are coming up with out-of-box ideas to sate the requirement. Let us have a sneak look of the website design trends that are imminent to produce surprise waves in the Indian market.

Integrated Texts:

Integrated texts web design

With due respect to the text styles (who can forget the texts with different shades and styles during the earlier part of this century), it has to be conceded that contents with pure typography may not find the regime in a web page. How can texts survive, when the powerful aspects like images are being clubbed together to provide an infographic content? Massive changes in typography are on the anvil. Text nicely blended with images and graphics are expected to evolve much better and enhance the overall look of the web page.

Content Layout Designs:

Content Layout Web Designs

Alike the prevailing trend, content centric design will become more popular for home pages where the contents are very much minimal. The striking content in the middle with smooth textures surrounding them are visual delight. Similarly, for the heavy homepages, split content design layout with multi color tones will also make viewing a pleasurable experience. As split contents offer enormous scope for design creativity without disturbing the aesthetic appeal, it will also be warmly accepted by the designers.

Illustrative Images:

Illustrative Web Design

This trend is slowly catching on – Photographs are being slowly replaced with illustrative images. It is true that illustrations offer the viewers their own discretion by interpreting them and give more natural meaning to the contents of the page. Perhaps it is one of the best tools to personally connect the viewers with the contents.

Jumbo Forms:

Jumbo Forms Web Design

As more and more viewers are using smart phones to browse the internet, it becomes imperative for the web designers to produce mobile-centric designs that occupy the full screen. These are basically good to completely engage the user and attract their attention. But it should be played with caution; users on few occasions may not like to fill any forms such as check out and filling search field in the full screen format.

Scrolling Spree:

Scrolling Spree Web Design

Though horizontal scrolls have been completely eliminated, the vertical counterpart is doing fairly well and is anticipated to do further well. Although there is no specific reason behind this, perhaps it is the convenience quotient that puts the tick mark ahead of other designs. But very long scrolling is also being slowly seen up with frown. As the days moves on, a clear verdict about the scroll length may come up. As a matter of fact, few prominent sites have started with no-scroll site – what you see in the screen is exactly what they have to offer in that particular page. It would be very interesting to see the battle is being won by whom? – Shorter or longer scrolling sites.

Perfectly Flat:

Perfectly Flat Web Design

Flat designs that have produced excellent outcome in the last year are expected to continue its magic. With several factors such as the desire to weigh less and load faster driving the craze behind the flat design, it is one of the designs that is expected to have a smooth ride this year.

Follow the Viewer’s Path:

Follow the viewers path Web Design

Gone are the days when websites were designed to show the details of the products and services. In the recent days, it has been clearly understood by the designers that it is essential to sync with the viewing habits of the customers. The Indian designers have gradually accepted the importance of functionality and navigability over the aesthetic appearance of the website. In other words, websites have become more customers centric. This may become the norm of the year and the designers may fit into the shoes of customer to evoke and sustain their attention.


Sliders Web Design

It is definitely the ‘do or die’ year for the sliders. Being heavy weights, the distractive sliders may fade out unless they provide relevant meaning content to the page. Like in the image above.

Material Design:

When Google offered the Material design language in June 2014, it was thought to be accepted very fast in 2015. But it did not happen. Features like realistic shadows, nice overlaps, and good interaction with less impact on other aspects are slowly being
realized by the web designers. Also as the flat design has almost reached its peak, designers may opt for material design. Many good sites are expected to accept this trend gleefully.

Animations are Effective:

Animations Elements Web Design

No one can deny the benefits offered by the animations in the year 2015. Large or small animations and moving elements were instant success and will definitely do better this year also. Animated UI elements may shrink in size but are expected to offer more surprises for the user. A word of caution – only the relevant animations that have a defined goal or purpose are expected to be the eye catchers.

Although 2016 is expected to replicate most of the trends of 2015, they are bound to offer plethora of rich user experience features. The minor glitches and shortcomings of various aspects introduced in the preceding years are expected to be weeded out. And to match the expectations of more polished features in interactive and engaging websites, the experts in website design India have geared up themselves smartly to enthrall the viewers.

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