10 Benefit of SEO for Small Businesses | Benefits of Local SEO
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10 Benefit of SEO for Small Businesses

It is a common myth among small business Owners that “SEO is very expensive …SEO is only for Large companies or Multinationals”. The truth is that SEO is more important for smaller businesses as they have a smaller budget and cannot compete with Large companies who can afford to spend millions on marketing and advertisement.

For beginners I first suggest that you take a look at my article on What is Search Engine Optimization?

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I treat SEO as an online Sales Man, whose job is to meet as many prospects as possible and present your company’s portfolio of products or services. Without a Sales Man or a Sales Team you will not be able to reach out to new customers or remind existing customers about your products and services.

Benefits Of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) For Small Businesses

1. Your Business is Open 24 x 7

Your website never sleeps, it has no office hours. SEO helps your website be found on the first page of search engines like google, bing and yahoo at any of the day or night. You can get business even when your office is close and staff is fast asleep.

2. Increase User Experience

SEO helps to increase user experience by making your website more friendly and easy to navigate. Good Onpage SEO can help you increase your user experience. When customers find your website easy to use, they will come back to it over and over again.

3. Easy Accessibility

Responsiveness of website is an important aspect of SEO. Your website will increase sales if it is accessible on all platforms and devices like Tablet, Mobile, Laptop and PC. Your prospective customer can be on any devise and would simply go to your competitors if your website is not responsive.

4. Increases Your Brand Awareness

When your website is on the first page of a Google search, it is but natural that the searchers are becoming more and more aware of your brand. Users are more likely to trust a brand if it shows on the first page of google every time they are searching for a specific product.

Small businesses struggle with building brand awareness due to limited advertisement budget. With SEO small businesses can now come on the first page of google search and build brand awareness.

5. Leave Your Competitors Behind

If your competitors are doing SEO and you are not then imagine how many customers you are losing..you will never be able to reach out to those customers who are looking for your products and services online.

With SEO you are being found by customers who are looking for your products…this makes selling a hell lot easy!

6. Social Media Reach

Social Media goes hand in hand with SEO. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ help in increasing visibility of your Brand. More visibility leads to more hits on your website which ultimately leads to increased brand recognition.

7. Stay Ahead with Latest Developments

Search engines are always looking for ways to improve user experience and bring to the forefront only those companies that follow good SEO practices. If you hire a reliable seo company then they will do the right things to bring your website on the 1st page of search engines and keep it there.

So How Can You Take Advantage Of SEO For Your Business?

1) Get a Website

The first step is to get yourself a website. There is no need to spend large sum of money to get the most beautiful website. A simple user friendly website which gives information about your company, your products/services, feedback from your customers and how to get in touch with you is enough to start with. To get help in building your website contact our friendly team.

It is important to get the right people to do SEO for your website. There are many seo services companies in Pune and Mumbai but finding the right company is crucial for your SEO success.

3) Regular Analysis

A good Search Engine Optimization company will provide regular reports of your keyword ranking. Regular analysis of your keywords will help to revise strategy, include new keywords and remove keywords that are not working.

To Sum Up

SEO should form part of your company’s overall marketing strategy. Without Search engine optimization your company will not be visible to those who are searching for services/products which you sell and will surely end up buying from your competitors.

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