11 Most Important SEO Tricks to Look for in 2017
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11 Most Important SEO Tricks to Look for in 2017

SEO will gain immense importance in the year 2017 as it helps gain visibility, drive traffic and give your brand the credibility it needs to succeed. There are certain SEO strategies that worked wonders in the year 2016 and will continue to bring effective results in the year 2017 too. However, to achieve positive results, you will have to hire best SEO services in Mumbai.

Here Are 11 Most Important SEO Tricks That Will Help You Achieve Your Objective

11 Most Important SEO Tricks to Look for in 2017

1. Social Media Content

Today, most of the people spend their time on various social media platforms and it is not surprising that it will only gain more importance in future. A survey reveals that 76% of marketers use social media sites to boost SEO and will continue to do so in the 2017. This will improve the SERPs ranking.

2. Update and Republish Old Blog Post

This is one effective way to boost SEO. Instead of writing a new blog all over again, mere changes in the old blog will make it an improved version. Re-promote it well and it is sure to drive good traffic to your website. Ensure that the SEO services company you opt for provide you with out-of the box strategies for your brand.

3. Engaging Videos

According to Marketing Land, videos make for 62% of all Google searches worldwide. No doubt then it is still a great way to keep the audience engaged. It is believed that videos get 50 times better organic page results and 41% higher click-through rate compared to plain, static text content. Therefore, videos provide you with plenty of opportunities to help you appear higher on the SERPs.

4. Compelling Title and Killer Description Tags in Adwords

Make sure that you avail an Adword with compelling title and killer description through an SEO expert. It will improve the chances of getting more clicks in the SERPs. Title and description having relevant keywords will be rewarded by Google in the form of higher rankings.

5. Mobile Optimization

• 4 out of 5 consumers today use their smart phone to shop online
• 70% of mobile searches lead to an action within an hour
• Total number of searches on mobile devices has seen an increase of 43% every year

All of the above statements and an announcement of Mobile-first Index to be implemented in 2018 make mobile optimization the norm in future. Therefore, it is high time you change the way you conceptualize and create SEO strategies meant for mobile searches.

6. Use Benefit- Focused Content Curation

This means that you need to focus on the outcomes that your audience expects. By finding, consolidating, collating, presenting and sharing of curated content, you can appeal your target audience. You can collect or amass the content from several high authority sources and display it at one place for your users to see. This will help build your authority.

7. Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps are one of the best methods that help build better connection with consumers. As most people today spend time on their mobile using apps, companies are using this to their advantage and are exploring more in the field of mobile apps. In few years, mobile apps are sure to overpower mobiles and desktop websites. Ensure that your brand has a prominent name in the app and have all the proper links to the app. This will help users search you easily and improve your search rankings. Also, through SEO services company in Mumbai, make sure your app optimization tops the list of SEO strategies.

8. Local SEO

This trend will get stronger in the years to come. Google gives bonus points to companies who let their users know where you are located. This will increase the chances of you appearing on pages in front of relevant audience. You must include your name of your business, address, contact info, etc with major search engines. This is sure to increase your customer engagement and rankings as well.

9. Link out to Authority Sites

Although, the Hilltop algorithm is over a decade old, it still plays an important role in today’s SEO scene. It is nothing but on-page SEO detail that tells Google whether or not your page has all the “useful“ information. This is determined by the quality and relevancy of your page’s outbound links. The pages you link to, reflect the topic of your page and also they will be of better quality than your own page. This helps Google to establish the importance of your page.

In short, you must link your page to at least 3 relevant and high quality resources to every content piece that you publish to improve your rankings.

10. Write Small Blog Posts for YouTube Descriptions

Google owns YouTube and it is no secret that videos results from it are dominating Google’s first page. This trend is not likely to change in 2017 too. To rank in both YouTube as well as Google, write an apt title and description (approximately 200 words) with your target keyword that will help to determine the content of your video. Make use of good tips from an SEO service providers in Mumbai and write a high quality description to improve your rankings.

11. Get Keyword and Topic Ideas from Wikipedia

Sure, the Google Keyword Planner provides you with the keywords and other search volume info. But, unfortunately it does not generate new keyword ideas and instead gives you close variations of the main keyword. If you are seeking to get newer keywords and ideas, you should turn to Wikipedia where several “human minds” contribute their ideas to. A single entry in Wikipedia will generate several keyword and topic ideas, giving you better scope of utilizing them.

Though the trends keep on changing, these 11 SEO trends will still prove to be powerful in 2017. However, we recommend that you hire the best SEO services in Mumbai who are up-to-date with the latest SEO strategies and techniques and will guide you effectively to spearhead the market.

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