Avoid Becoming Hostage to Shoddy Web Designer in Kolhapur
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Avoid Becoming Hostage to Shoddy Web Designer in Kolhapur

We understand that you need a website that will help provide your customers with the information about your business. However, assume that you do not have the required skills or the man power to design and develop your website. What do you do? You hire a web developer or a web designer in Kolhapur and get your website created.

While hiring a website designer from Kolhapur be vary of the fact that you tie up with a genuine company and not any freelance or self employed companies as they may not give you any support for maintenance.

Avoid Becoming Hostage to Shoddy Web Designer in Kolhapur

It may happen that your inquisitiveness to view your website at the earliest may cause you to take some unwanted steps and fall prey to freelance Kolhapur web designer’s terms and conditions. For your convenience, we have listed a few factors to watch out for when signing a contract.

1. Control over your source code and other files.

2. Licensing your code

3. Copyright and contractual violation

If you ever think of outsourcing your website designing work to any of the web designers in Kolhapur then ensure about how much control you would have over it. It is very easy for the freelance web developer to make you his hostage and keep your website for a ransom. If the web designer is not a reputed one then he may hold up all your web based technology,shopping cart etc even at the slightest disagreement between you and him. It is therefore recommended that you choose your web designer in Kolhapur after proper search and comparison among many others. Our suggestion would be to go only with registered Pvt. Ltd companies only and not freelancers or self employed web designers.

In this article, we have listed few factors that you need to consider before outsourcing your web development work.

1. Have Control Over Your Domain

To begin with, it is advisable that you register the domain of your company. Registering of the domain is simple , cheap and easy. You can configure the domain name server within a few seconds and point it to wherever you want to host it. By registering the domain in your name , you get the following benefits:

  • -You will not only own the domain (e.g yourcompany.com) but all the subsets (e.g shop.yourcompany.com or blog.yourcompany.com) of your domain too.
  • -You will have the freedom to provide the contact information of the domain’s registrant along with the administrative and other technical contacts (which can be your website designer).
  • -You will have the freedom to host your site elsewhere and reconfigure the DNS to point to the new site
  • -You can use your domain for any email addresses you wish to include.

Your domain is very important for your business and you must not allow any freelance web designer to take away this right from you.

2. Be the Host

It may happen that freelance web designers in Kolhapur may offer to host your website on their shared server. This allows the web designer or the developer to have easy access allowing them to make any changes to your website quickly for maintenance. Although this may be feasible and simple, it is not worth. This may involve some risk as you will have no access to your own files and be at the mercy of the web designer you have hired. To avoid this:

  • -You should select a website designer who can provide you with your own cpanel. Your cpanel holds all your website code.
  • -Buy your own hosting; this is advisable only if you have some basic technical knowledge to handle your hosting.
  • -Make the payments involving hosting yourself.
  • -Ensure that you have all the administrative rights so that you can add or remove users. Also, be sure that you have complete control to access your files.

3. Do not license anything for what you already paid for

If you choose to outsource your web designing work, the developers may insist on licensing their work. Let us first understand what it means. In few cases, a freelance web developer in Kolhapur may insist that they own the code of your website and as a client you may have to pay for it. But in case you wish to get the work done from a different web developer then you may have to purchase the code right from scratch. This is not an ethical practice.

This is exactly what you end up doing when you outsource your work to a freelance developer. And, in the process you and your company will feel the pinch.

It is therefore advised that unless some unavoidable circumstances occur, do not ever agree to licensing the source code or other website design aspects of your domain. The only time you should agree to licensing is when the fees are really exorbitant and you really cannot afford it. Whatever may be your circumstances, you must ensure that you have complete control over your source code and other related files.

The basic aim of this article is to help you understand that you should have control of your domain and not become victims of freelance developer’s terms and conditions. You must ensure that you deal with only reputed companies in Kolhapur to design or develop your company website. Avoid choosing a freelancer in a quest to save some money. In case of any disagreement, it will be difficult to handle a freelancer than a web developer of a reputed company as they have process in place for customer support. Thus, think twice before you outsource your website designing work to a freelance web developer. Do a thorough research and then take a wise decision preferably ensuring that you own the domain and its subsets.

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