How to communicate better with a software company in Pune?
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How to Communicate Better with a Software Company in Pune?

As the owner of a business, you will definitely have a strong vision about what your company should achieve and how to achieve the target in a stipulated time period. However, it will be interesting to note that despite all this you may fail to explain the nuances pertaining to the development work of your company’s mobile app or other related work. You must have the knowledge and understanding about the software and not trust the web developers blindly. Through this article we help you communicate better with your hired software company in Pune and understand your applications better.


It may be difficult to explain all the important factors. However, few factors that an entrepreneur must know are sketch board, wireframe, web pages etc of his/her application. Too technical ? Do not worry. Just keep reading.

1. Storyboards or Sketch Boards

This is the simplest tool as you do not need any technical knowledge for it. You can sketch each of your application screen using a pen and paper. You can sketch all the specific parts of how it should appear to your user. These sketches are known as storyboard. An advantage of this technique is that you don’t need to be perfect at the sketches. You can create a rough idea, discuss it with your team and then find the best solution to it. You may get several ideas in a few minutes through storyboards. After sketching the basic idea about your application, the next important step is to find a good navigation system. It will ensure how you want your user to interact with all the pages of your application. This process is known as developing a ‘user flow’. Simple templates and markers can be made use of while sketching the user flow.

You may then get in touch with a software development company and present your storyboard to them and develop the kind of software you wish to have.

2. Flowcharts

A flowchart helps you to communicate better visually with the software company in Pune your have hired or plan to hire. A flowchart allows you to make use of few of the pre-defined symbols to signify every step of your process in your application. Some of the pre-defined symbols used in a flowchart have been mentioned below.

As an entrepreneur, you can then discuss your ideas with the developer and understand from him the possible flaws or any other problem in your flowchart.

3. Use of Business Conditions

You may have certain situations/ conditions that you wish your user undergo. To understand it better , let us take up an example. Let us assume you wish your user register with you for an event. Your application may have certain steps defined such as the registration, payment, refund etc. You may include conditions such as;

• A user may get 100% of the fees refunded if he cancels his registration within 30 days prior to the event.

• A user may get 50% of the fees refunded if he cancels his registration within 15 days before the event.

• No refund to be issued in case the user cancels his registration within seven days prior to the event.

As these conditions are important from your business point of view, it is mandatory that you explain all these points to the developer of the software development company and ensure smooth working of your application.

4. Wireframe with Proper Comments and Other Important Communication

Wireframe is the blue print of your application. A wireframe contains the layout of the content on your web page, navigation system , related page elements and any other important information you wish to have on the application. You may also add some additional notes and important comments for your developer to understand certain features of your application. A wireframe can be drawn with the help of PowerPoint or other tools such as Balsamiq or Omnigraffle. In case you need additional help, you may hire a wireframe expert or a user experience designer who will help you create a thorough wireframe.

As an entrepreneur you must ensure that you do not let the reigns of your development work entirely on software company. It could lead to a lot of disagreements later.

5. Click-Through Prototypes with Links:

These bring your screens to life! Click- through prototypes are nothing but wireframes that allows a user to interact with the screens on clicking. Once you create a wireframe, the next step involves connecting all the pages of your application using links. With the help of prototypes, you can understand a particular problem that you may come across and also find a solution to it.

So What You Expect From Your Software Company In Pune

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