Importance of Setting Goals
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Importance of Setting Goals

If you wish to be successful then you must set goals for yourself. It is important so that you work meticulously in achieving your goals. It helps you obtain a clear objective of what exactly who want to achieve. Wouldn’t you love to set goals for the next 5 years or 10 years and work towards achieving it? Whatever your need may be, the fact is you should set a goal in order to be successful.

Importance of Setting Goals

You must have noticed how a pessimist sees his life. They lead a life of meandering and lead a goal less life. Be it 1 year , 5 years or more, their lives largely remain the same. It may not be wrong to say that their life changes because of other’s actions and desires.

Importance of Setting Goals

We Give You 6 Reasons Stating The Importance Of Setting Goals

1. Gives Clarity to Your Vision

It has been rightly said that if you don’t have a goal, you are wasting your life. It is because you end up doing many things that may not be in the direction of your ultimate goal. Without a goal, it is as if you are busy fulfilling other’s goals and not yours!

It is but obvious that if you have no concrete goals set, then you will not be able to achieve your dreams. Honestly, goals give you clarity on what must achieve without faltering. Goals ensure that you are channelling your energy and time into what matters to you. In short, it can be said that proper goals help you live consciously.

2. Motivates You to Move Forward

Your goals represent your inner desires which motivate you in life. Once to set a goal, it will constantly remind you to work towards it and make it achievable. You feel more connected to your source of motivation. Goals keep you going forward even when the going gets tough.

When at times you feel de-motivated, it is recommended that you focus on some of the important goals of your life and feel a clear connection to them. This way you feel rejuvenated and channelize your energy into the right direction.

3. Keeps You Focussed

Goals attract your energy and give you a focus point to place your attention. Although a purpose in life gives you broad focus, it is your goal that will give you a kind of laser focus on what exactly you need to spend your time and energy on.

A goal is like a funnel which will help you channel all your inputs effectively and produce the desired output.

Without a goal, your mind will keep floating and you will keep yourself engaged in whimsical activities. This will cause you to go away from your main purpose and unfortunately you start believing that these unnecessary activities are important. Perhaps, you may even find all these activities a great way to spend time. Do you find yourself watching TV, surfing, playing games, chatting, putting in more number of hours at work, lazing away etc? You should then question yourself as to where will all this lead you? What output do such activities produce? What exactly takes the topmost priority in your life?

In simple words, unless you have a goal, you will not be able to articulate your priorities. Without any goal, you will have no focus. Therefore, to avoid being sidetracked by unnecessary activities and having an illusion of moving in the right direction, it is important that you have a goal.

4. Make You More Responsible

Just having some goal in life makes you more accountable. You feel obligated to take some action and do something concrete rather than just while away your time. Goals make you committed and give you clarity of what is important in your life.

You feel responsible for your own actions and accountable to yourself not anybody else. It is this accountability that keeps you from straying away from your motto. It is this accountability that will make you take the right steps to achieve your goals. This will also help you stay close to your desires.

5. Bring Out the Best in You

Goals bring out the best in you and it is true. They make you utilize your highest potential. You may probably be accustomed doing things in a particular way without any meaningful insight. Although, this may be within your comfort zone, it will not help you reach your goal.

It is the goal that will enable you to push yourself further and be the best person you can be. Goals help you tap your inner most potential and bring you closer towards achieving it.

Once you have your goals set, you will set targets and stretch yourself to achieve it. All this will cause you to move into new situations, new places and new contexts. This will bring out a positive change in you and help you grow. For example, if you wish to lose weight, you will need to set as to how much you need to lose. Once you have understood this, you will definitely take measures and work towards losing weight and therefore achieve your goal. Setting a career goal will ensure that you will not settle for anything less and work towards achieving your desired goal. Similarly, having a definite goal in life will only make you strive towards excellence and bring out the best in you.

6. Lead a Meaningful and a Good Life

-You become hungry for knowledge once you set your goals. This will drive you to experience new and better things in life and make you explore new territories. You will be able to see life with much clarity unlike before when you had no purpose. With you being highly evolved, a simple activity will be more meaningful than it was before.

-Time and tide wait for no man and they keep passing without our consent. Having a goal in life ensures that we make maximum use of our time and produce great output.

-To understand it better assume you are driving a car. If you have no idea about your destination, it will not make a difference whether you are driving at 140 km/hr or 20km/hr. To summarize, it is essential that all of us have a goal in life that will allow us to make use our highest potential, move in the right direction, become a good person and achieve our goals.

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