8 SEO Techniques To Master in 2015 For Local Companies
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8 SEO Techniques To Master in 2015 For Local Companies

Is your marketing budget restricting your growth?

If you are a company doing business locally with restricted marketing budget you can use these SEO techniques to increase your customer base.

Here Is A Blog Which Will Help Local Companies Be Found On The Internet In 2015 By Applying A Few Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques.

8 SEO Techniques To Master in 2015 For Local Companies1

1) Use Local Keywords

Keywords are the foundation of Search Engine Marketing. And focusing on local keywords will help you rank well in the search engine results as they have less competition. So choose wisely.

For example if you are an online cake shop in pune, India, choosing online cakes will not bring your search rank up as most cake shops in India are using that keyword. Instead choose local keyword like online cake shop pune or online cakes pune to rank better on search engines like google.

2) Create Great Content

Businesses need to capture their audiences’ (increasingly) short attention spans. Interesting website content that will provide some value or information can help you capture your audience attention and tell them who you are and what you are offering.

The first step to developing a good-to-great content is to know your target customer. Analyze whether your content is useful and worth reading and will your target customer learn anything from it. Add new content regularly to your website to keep it fresh and meaningful. Don’t forget to take advantage of visual content marketing, i.e. image rich content.

3) Add Videos

You don’t have to “go viral.” For small businesses, even a simple video ad will work wonders for your online marketing. If you are worried about the expense then there are some less expensive options to produce videos like animoto and screencast-o-matic.

Shoot a video that will provide some useful information to your target audience. Don’t stress too much on promoting your products or services. Upload the video toYouTube and don’t forget to link it back to your website or Blog.

4) Be Found On Social Media

Create social media accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram and so on. Not all social media account will be suitable to your business type. Select only those social media accounts where you are most likely to find your target audience.

Have a business page for your company. Let your customers find you and follow your regular updates. Engage and connect with fans and followers. Listen to what they have to say for your product/service. Your customers will tell you “How you can provide a better experience”. Connect with your audience and extend your reach.

5) Start a Business Blog

If your company provides unique products or services, you should be blogging. Of course, the overall return on investment a blog will vary from business to business. But there are some fundamental benefits to incorporate blogging that should not be overlooked. Blog articles gather links because they are interesting, informative, and not overly corporate or sales-focused. The benefit is that you get more links, better search engine rankings and more site traffic, which translates into more sales leads.

6) Take Advantage Of Free Local Business Directories

List your business on online directories. Since Internet search is the primary tool to finding businesses today, it’s vital to make sure your business is listed on all applicable online directories. There are many free directories to list your business.Listing your business on Google Places for Business should be at the top of your priority list.

7) Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is an efficient, fast and cost effective way to promote your product or service. It is simple and quick to use, and it can help you reach an unprecedented number of potential customers while staying in touch with current customers.

The challenge here is to get prospective customers email id. You can encourage prospects to leave their email id in order to get something for free, like a free health check for their website or a free e-book.

8) Track Analytics and Check Out Your Competition

Make sure you track every lead that is generated on your website and analyze it on regular basis so that you can improve your marketing strategy as per the generated leads. Find out what your competitors are doing, get ideas and identify what marketing strategies your business needs to take efforts on.

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