8 Ways to get more social shares for your content without annoying readers
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8 Ways To Get More Social Shares For Your Content Without Annoying Readers

The term is self – explanatory considering that every single time those visitors on your website share the content with others, the probability of getting more views increases. This in turn leads to enhanced visibility and better engagement.


Get More Social Media Shares

It is a distinct possibility that whenever you wrote a blog or added content to your website, you may have shared it on the social web. The results are seldom encouraging considering that your face book account may continue to be barren with just a few ‘likes’ and even fewer shares.

It is in instances such as these that you would have wondered as to whether there are some strategic ways to increase the number of social shares without annoying readers.


The concept is best addressed by first understanding that you cannot trick the reader into sharing your content on social media. The logic is simple; your readers are the gatekeepers of their own feeds regardless of whether they are active on twitter or on face book.

They would evidently only share content that is relevant and adds value….


If the objective is to get more social shares without annoying readers, then it is critical that one adopts some or more of these methods:

Tip # 1 – Understand the Psychology

It is important that we first understand the logic as to what kind of content do readers share and more importantly why visitors share content:

Make a Difference

If statistics are any index, 94% of the people who share content, invariably ask themselves as to what kind of difference this shared content would make to their connections.

Concurrently 73% of the people are known to use shared content to connect with those with similar interests.

However it is even more surprising that a staggering 68% merely use it as a showcasing tool which helps create the right connectivity.

The Contributor

It is equally amazing that people like to contribute to the world in their own simple ways and consider sharing content on social sites a valuable tool. Those with a penchant for numbers would indeed find it fascinating that 69% people consider content sharing over the social web an important tool.

Concurrently it is important that one keeps the content simple, earns the trust of the readers by backing it up with relevant references and most importantly; help your readers connect by keeping it relevant.

Tip # 2 – Create Curiosity and Amazement?

There is more to social sharing than merely ensuring that you have created quality content. Experts are of the opinion that both negative and positive emotions are strong, however it is positive content that your readers would share, thus keep it positive!

Concurrently it is equally important that you keep that interest alive by using catchy titles and subtitles if you would want your potential readers to read and share your content.

Conversely one can surprise their readers by igniting their curiosity and then amazing them with the quality of content.

Tip # 3 – Make it Convenient

If one would like their readers to share their content without annoying them, then all that one would need to do is to create that share button on the website so that sharing content is a breeze and just a click away.

Sharing would invariably happen at the start of the content or at the end; thus logically sharing buttons should be ideally positioned at the start or the end of the content.

More is seldom better thus it is important that one does not place many share buttons on the website, as ‘overdoing’ can actually lead to a drastic drop in sharing in addition to annoying the reader.

Tip # 4 – Request for Shares

Ask for shares when you communicate with your readers through emails however do ensure that you do not beg; as this could prove to be counterproductive.

Typically one would request for shares when communicating with readers and informing them that a new post is available on the website.

Tip # 5 – Visuals and Conversions

If you would like to make an impact then in all probability you would need to use plenty of visuals. Although visuals help increase the ‘share’ conversion ratio by readers, it does not annoy them at any point of time. On the contrary it could even lead to a visibly delighted reader who would then contribute significantly to your content sharing campaign.

Tip # 6 – Meta Tags and Open Graph Tags

Meta Tags and Open Graph Tags are similar in function and benefits however when the link is shared on social media, data transfer occurs utilizing open graph Meta tags.

Alternatively when an open graph tag is prepared for every image your options are significantly increased. This logic being that the social site will pick the best optimized image from the post hence enhancing quality.

Tip # 7 – The Curiosity Equation

Arguably the most important constituent is the curiosity gap. To further elaborate the case in point, when headlines are written they need to be catchy and must spark off a sense of curiosity in the mind of the reader.

Thus write the right headline and watch those ‘share content’ numbers go up.

In simple terms all that you would need to do is to spark a sense of curiosity in the mind of the reader and thus induce him to click on your content and read further.

Tip # 8 – Timing

Social media audience do not stay online 24×7 and there will be times of the day when they are more active. Thus it is more than evident that if you launch or post your content at the wrong time of the day when the audience is ‘offline’ the probability of getting your content to be shared is low.

Thus it is more than evident that achieving a higher ‘social shares’ rate seldom translates into annoyed readers. On the contrary using the right techniques for better social ‘share’ can even lead to delighted readers and the perfect option for all.

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