9 Best Web Applications for Small Businesses
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9 Best Web Applications for Small Businesses

Companies today are trying every gimmick to be on top of the game. It is evident that only the fittest will survive the competition. Consumers are highly informed and getting in their good books is the only way to succeed. We have shared 9 web applications that will help you do just that!

9 Best Web Applications for Small Businesses

It is a website designed for business owners. It has an excellent collection of book recommendations from world’s makers, founders and leaders. If you have questions, Bookicious has the answers! What’s more, you can subscribe to their email newsletter and receive business owner book recommendations every week in your inbox.

If you are hard-pressed for time and have very little time then Audvisor is recommended for you. It provides you with valuable business insight from top experts in less than 3 minutes. Small businesses may “push” certain content to the employees asking them to check it while employees can “pull” content through Audvisor easily and efficiently. World’s top most brilliant entrepreneurs have shared their advice on Audvisor and you can easily learn about the topics you want to. Several studies have revealed that most people check their phones over 100 times every day. You can make use of this opportunity and give them an enriching experience instead.

This is a very good time for email marketing. People receive hundreds of emails everyday and if you want business to do well, make use of this opportunity. Really Good Emails is a dedicated website for emails. Go through several emails written by business owners across the world and get inspired to create your own email campaign. You can sign up to their newsletter and get email inspiration every week. This can work really well for your business. You can then watch your rates increase!

4. Sortd

Organize your inbox and make it more accessible with the help of Sortd. It is a smart skin designed especially for Gmail. It gives your inbox a whole new look by organizing and de-cluttering your inbox efficiently. All you need to is drag and drop your email messages into the correct list, rename it and add a reminder. You can be assured of no messages getting lost in the deluge. If at all you want to switch back to the old Gmail view, Sortd will let you do that in just a single click. Go ahead, experience this life changing app for yourself!

5. Hotjar

This is the latest all-in-one analytics and feedback tool. Heatmaps and user recordings show you exactly which page on your website users are spending their time and what are they clicking on. Use this data to find out what’s converting and what’s driving your users away from your website. Use this app to create and send user surveys and even get feedback. Hotjar helps you get a functional website and help in the growth of your business.

6. TSheets

As a small business owner, you must value time and make use of every precious minute and convert it to something useful. After all, time is money. TSheets is an automated time tracking and scheduling software that people enjoy using. It is very simple to use and can be used anytime and anywhere. It eliminates time theft and an entrepreneur is able to save 2-8% on payroll costs. This can add up to a huge amount of savings for a small business owner. The scheduling feature enables an employee to know exactly when and where to work and its customizable reminders help eradicate excuses.

7. Slack

This is an interesting messaging app. You can organize conversations into channels and users are free to join or leave the channel at their will. You can also create a special channel if you wish to discuss sensitive information with only a select few. Slack allows you to drag, drop and share files directly and search within shared PDF’s, Google docs, etc. It also indexes and archives your conversations allowing you to use them whenever needed.

8. Asana

As your business grows, you will have multiple projects, multiple departments and multiple teams. This will make it difficult to track of who’s working on which particular project. Asana will help you sort this. It is a project management software that rewards every completed task with rainbows and unicorns. An easy access sidebar organizes your teams and projects from where you can comment , collaborate and create to-do lists in every project. Furthermore, you can view the tasks done under project, person or calendar view. Asana helps keep everyone and everything on track and the occasional congratulatory unicorns help boost morale of your employees.

If you are still using spreadsheets and checkbooks to track your expenses, it is high time you start using Expensify. It helps track your expenses, click pictures of your receipts and create/submit reports anywhere and anytime.

Make use of the SmartScan feature to scan receipts and upload it to your Expensify account. Keep a track of your expenses at a business trip. Rest assured, all the information will be stored safely in your account. Expensify actually simplifies your life.

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