Google Performance summit 2016- What does it mean for your business?
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Google Performance summit 2016- What does it mean for your business?

The latest update by Google is yet another sensational move by the online giant. A launch event – Performance Summit (combination of AdWords and Analytics) was hosted by Google, recently. The launch announced a major overhaul in their AdWords design and structure.

The new strategy will affect all the advertisers (big business or small business) unlike earlier. As an SEO company in Pune,we would like to put together five main changes of the new strategy launched by Google. It is imperative that companies understand that the changes will be implemented in a few months’ time and that they should be well prepared to manage their PPC campaigns.

Google Performance summit 2016 What does it mean for your business

1. You Will Be Allowed to Advertise on Google Maps

Honestly, this should not be a big surprise. Since 2011, the search for ‘near me’ has increased 34 times and 80% of these searches have been done through mobile phones. Google is very much aware about the increase in the mobile searches and this move will only take it a step further. It is estimated that about 60% of the people searching make a visit to your website everyday and approximately 18% purchase your products. Avail SEO services in Pune and make the best use of this facility.

2. How Will It Help Your Business?

To help boost local search, Google provides you with the facility of advertising pins on Google maps. Now, with the Google My Business listing and location extensions in AdWords, businesses will be able to place ads on these pins along with your business keyword and location.

3. New Bid Adjustment Options

People using AdWords are definitely familiar with the term – Bid. However, advertisers must be definitely annoyed with the fact that at present, Google has limited scope of adjusting the bids according to the type of their choice of device( mobiles, desktop, laptop). It allows the bid to be modified by approximately 300% up or down in mobiles. Unfortunately, this feature is unavailable in tablets.

4. How Will this Feature Help Your Business?

The new feature will allow advertisers to bid separately on mobiles, tablets and desktops. The main advantage of this feature is that it will allow you to set the default bid and change it according to the device used. This in turn will allow advertisers to modify the bids as per the device and use their budget judiciously.

5. Expanded Text Ads

Previously, Google would allow ads having 25 characters for headline, 35 characters each for descriptions i.e 2 descriptions of 35 characters each. With the latest update in the AdWords, this would be changed to 30 characters of headline and a description of 80 characters long.However, the display URLs will now be generated by Google and advertisers will not have the liberty of writing their own URL. Advertisers must be smart enough to make the most of this facility.

6. How Will This Impact Your Business?

More number of characters will allow advertisers to use more and relevant business keywords in their ads. This will improve the quality score of the ad and increase the chances of the ad to be seen in relevant searches. Emotional triggers in the ad can also have a greater impact on the target audience and attract more traffic. With the increase in the text space, advertisers can make most of the feature and increase the traffic . Hire experts from a reputed SEO company in Pune to provide you with the best SEO services and improve your business.

7. New Demographics For Search Ads

With the current features, Google allows the advertisers to target their audience through display ads by gender and age only. However, with the latest changes in the AdWords, Google will extend this feature to include even Search Ads.

8. How Will This Affect Your Business?

By far, this feature can be considered to be the best. This feature in combination with flexible bid adjustments will enable the advertisers to plan their budget wisely. With the inclusion of this feature, advertisers will be able to target the right customers through both Search and Display Ads especially those having more purchase intent.

9. A Different Look to AdWords

At the Performance Summit, Google showed provided an insight of how the new look of the AdWords would appear. The new AdWords interface would be ready by the year end and is believed to have similarities to the AdWords app.

10. How Will It Help Your Business?

Honestly, though this feature will not have any significant impact on your business, the new AdWords interface will make it more user friendly. It will also allow the advertisers to have a better idea about the performance of the ad.

What Should You Do? Should I Use An SEO Company In Pune?

Well, first and foremost, you need to evaluate your AdWords campaigns and understand how you could possibly use the new features to your benefit.

If you feel AdWords is complicated and beyond your understanding level, then it is recommended that you get in touch with the best SEO company in Pune and get your work done. Bidding requires a lot of patience and understanding and only experts can get the PPC ads made perfect and increase your business.

If you wish to boost your business through PPC then it will be a good chance to do so. You may use the new features to your advantage in your ads/campaigns and increase your business.

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